E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center


EB Lyons Center is now open weekdays 7-3:30 and 10-2 Weekends. If inclement weather, please call us before stopping out 563-556-0620

EB Lyons Center at Mines of Spain

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Please call for further information 563-556-0620

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The EB Lyons Interpretive Center serves as a visitor information center and park office. Displays and exhibits provide information about the history and features of the park. The Betty Hauptli Bird and Butterfly Garden, native prairies, woodland flower gardens, hiking trails and historic Junkermann farm site are just some of the many attractions at the Center. The EB Lyons Interpretive Center is open year-round. During the summer season, special programs can be scheduled with our naturalists.

There are five individual nature walks within the park, including those at the EB Lyons Interpretive Center and another at the Horseshoe Bluff Site. Other trails provide a wide range of opportunities for visitors to view Mines of Spain on old winding logging roads, to view limestone bluffs, scenic overlooks, and to enjoy a hike through forests and prairie. Some of the trails are steep and challenging.

Visitors can enjoy the outdoors, experience the EB Lyons Center, hike the many trails and enjoy the natural vistas at the park. Picnicking facilities are available at the Center, the Julien Dubuque Monument, and the Horseshoe Bluff Area.


The 1432-acre recreation area is located along the southern edge of Dubuque. The eastern boundary is formed by the Mississippi River. Access to the Mines of Spain and EB Lyons is off Hwy. 52 South, which intersects with Hwy. 61/151 on the south side of Dubuque.

The park is open year-round, with park hours of 4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The interpretive center is open year-round weekdays 7-3:30 and weekends 10-2 Closed major holidays

Vegetation at the Mines of Spain – PDF listing of vegatation here

Wildlife of the Mines of Spain – PDF listing of what can be found here

Bird Checklist – PDF of the birds you may see on your visit

The bird and butterfly garden is located at the EB Lyons Center. The garden demonstrates how small areas can be used to attract birds and butterflies by providing proper food plants, appropriate nesting, shelter zones and a source of water. The flower garden integrates a number of native and cultivated plants that are rich in nectars and lure many types of butterflies and hummingbirds.

The garden trail displays dogwoods, arrowood and other shrubs. You can see the wild flowers blazing star, wild bergamot, and purple coneflower. Cultivated plants include shasta daisies, lupines, salvia, and columbines.

The butterflies you may see include: monarch, fritillary, spring azure, red-spotted purple, blues, swallowtail, and painted lady. Birds may include ruby-throated hummingbird, tanagers, finches, thrushes, sparrows and many more.

Friends of The Mines of Spain, Dubuque, IA 52003-9214, 563-556-0620


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The EB Lyons Interpretive Center auditorium, library and Woodland Walk Shelter is now available for rentals by the Dubuque County Conservation. Please call the center at 563-556-0620 for more information. 



Theater style(chairs) or Chairs/tables will accommodate 100

Chairs and tables are available for you event. Tables are 6 foot tables and 3 chairs fit on each side comfortably.  Kitchenette includes sink, fridge/freezer, counter space and coffee machine.
Please be careful with sink, there is no garbage disposal.

There are 2 large garbage cans and a recycle bin for your convenience. Please bag garbage and set at entrance upon your departure. Please leave the premise the way you found it or better. Tables need wiped down and to be stacked in back room. Chairs need to be stacked to the side or put away in the backroom. Please wipe down kitchen. There are cleaning clothes in the drawer. Vacuum is in back room to clean floor before your departure.

There is an AV system in the auditorium. Please check with your volunteer or staff in advance if you need to use this system to make sure your needs can be met.


Woodland Walk Shelter:

The shelter is a small walk away from the first parking lot. Located on a paved hiking trail, there is a latrine bathroom located adjacent to the shelter. Shelter has a maximum of 50 people with several picnic tables and electrical outlets. There are two metal, standing grills for grilling with charcoal. Water fountain is next to latrine bathrooms. Please pickup grounds when you leave including removal of garbage.