Deer Hunting at Mines of Spain:

Archery Deer Seasons: October 1 to Dec. 6, 2019 and Dec. 23, 2019 to January 10, 2020
Shotgun Deer Seasons: December 7 to December 11 and December 14 to December 22, 2019.

All other hunting seasons are closed in the Mines of Spain – hunting prohibited
 Rifles, handguns and muzzle loader guns ARE PROHIBITED in the park at all times
 Be respectful of other park visitors.
 Hunters should refrain from using hiking or ski trails to avoid non-hunters.
 Non-hunters should avoid going off trail to avoid hunters
 All park users should practice LEAVE NO TRACE, Do Not Litter, and Do Not cut trees or brush, Leave area as you found it or better.
 Screw in steps and permanent blinds or stands are illegal and will be removed by park staff.
 Stands or blinds can be used by any park visitor if left in the park. All stands or blinds must be

Download the 2019 Deer Hunting map of Mines of Spain

Rules and Regulations
Deer hunting is available at the Mines of Spain
Recreation Area. Seasons are limited to the
two regular archery seasons and the two
regular December shotgun seasons. All other
seasons are closed to hunting in the park.
Shotgun use is only allowed during the
December seasons. All other forms of firearms
are prohibited.

Deer stands, steps, and blinds can be
temporary only. Any permanent blinds, screw
in steps or the like will be removed by park
staff. All stands and blinds must be removed within
7 days after the season and cannot be put up
until 7 days before the season.
Any stands or blinds left up during the season
can be used by any visitor to the park.

Other game may be taken during the approved
deer seasons, but must be taken with the
approved weapon for that season

Trees, limbs, brush or similar cannot be cut or
trimmed for hunting. All vegetation must
remain natural.

Hunting may occur from ½ hour before sunrise
and ½ hour after sunset.

Hunters must wear blaze orange that is visible
at 360 degrees from all view points.

A regular Iowa License and Deer Permit are
required by all persons participating in

It is illegal for anyone to harass or interfere
with hunting.

It is illegal to remove stands or blinds, except
by DNR staff.

It is requested that all hunters report
taking a deer at the Mines of Spain.
Park Office – 563-556-0620
Include sex, location in park, number
in hunting party and date with time of

The Mines of Spain Recreation Area is located
south of Dubuque, Iowa. The park is situated
along the Mississippi River and is here for
many uses and for all to use and enjoy.
Hikers, hunters, skiers and other outdoor users
will be out in the park for a variety of reasons.
All visitors in the park should respect the use of
others. The park is here for everyone to use,
but consider the following safety suggestions.
Those not hunting should consider alternate
locations if hunters are visible.
Those hunting should consider alternate
hunting areas if hikers etc are known to be in

Non-hunters like hunters should wear orange
apparel that is visible at 360 degrees. Hunters
during shotgun season are required to.
Leave a note on your vehicle that you are
hunting or hiking/skiing/other.

All dogs are required to be on leash at all
times, but have pets wear orange during
hunting seasons.

Hunters consider not using trails. Select
another way to the hunting spot

Non -hunters consider staying on trails and not
venturing off trail.

Leave the park as you found it or better –

Call park office or 911 of illegal activity.
Remember – you are not the only person in
the park. BE ALERT.