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2023 Sunday Programs – Free for all ages. EB Lyons Center 8991 Bellevue Heights Road, Dubuque, Ia 52003 563-556-0620

January 8 = Rudy  Pruszko  “Lead Mining and Mines” Rudy Pruszko will educate us on Lead Mining at the Mines of Spain State Recreation Area.  This area was the site of the earliest mining by Europeans in the Upper Mississippi Valley Zinc and Lead District.  The lead deposits were known to the Native Americans who revealed them to French explorer Nicholas Perrot around 1690.  In 1788, French Canadian trader Julien Dubuque reached an agreement with the Mesquaki (Fox) Indians to work the mines.  He established a fur and lead trading post at Catfish Creek on the Mississippi River.  French laborers and the Mesquaki (Fox) operated the mines and smelters for Dubuque.

 January 22 = Mark Wagner “Fur Trading on Upper Mississippi River”

Find out who Nicholas Perot and Julien Dubuque were and how they transformed our community by trading furs.

 February 12 = National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, ” Snake Discovery” Learn how beneficial snakes really are to our eco system. Are snakes slimy? Where can I find snakes? Where do they go in the winter. Find out all of these tidbits and more.

 February 26 = Diane Thoma ,  “Bees and What’s the Buzz?” Why are bees so beneficial? How can we help the bees and care for their habitat. Learn what the buzz is all about.

 March 12 = Dave Shealer ,  Bird Banding – David Shealer is a Professor at Loras College.  He will identify, weigh, measure, sex and determine their health.  Assist in the capture of song birds and get a chance to hold and look at various song birds found in the area.  This is a good chance to learn to identify and get familiar with birds at your feeders.  Adults and children alike will enjoy this program.  Hands on and up close look song birds found in our area.  The feeders at the center have numerous birds coming and going all year long. Some of the birds that will be banded might include the Black Capped Chickadee, White Breasted Nuthatch, Cardinals, Downy Woodpecker, Goldfinch and Tufted Titmouse.  There are over fifteen different species of songbirds utilizing the feeders during the winter.

 March 26 = Eagle Bluff Center = Live Raptor Education – View and learn about raptors with live raptors on display. Learn about education and conservation efforts that assist these kings of the sky.

 Friends of The Mines of Spain, 8991 Suite B Bellevue Heights Rd., Dubuque, IA 52003-9214, 563-556-0620