Mines of Spain Photography Contest – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. See official contest rules on this form

January 12 – Wildlife Photography 1pm
Dubuque Camera Club presents Wildlife Photography tips and tricks and announcement of Friends of the Mines of Spain & Iowa DNR 2020 photo contest.

January 12 – Eagle Watch 9-4 at Grand River Center and Icefest 10-5 at River Museum – Friends of the Mines of Spain will share our history

January 26 – History of Rockdale Flood 1pm Local Historian Kyle Cox will present on this monumental storm in Dubuque’s history. The centennial storm ripped its way across Madison and Warren Counties in Iowa on it way east, leaving dozens dead in its wake. When the storm reached Rockdale, a small town nestled in the Catfish Creek Valley, it unleashed its full fury. The storm claimed 39 lives in Rockdale with entire families killed & children left orphaned.

February 9 – Fish Fry Experience 1pm
Unique Fish of the Mississippi and the Fish Fry Experience by Dennis Weiss. Dennis’s presentation will include actual fish specimens to show and talk about their biology and status in the Upper Mississippi River. He will demonstrate how to skin/dress a fish, properly bread the fish and the correct temperature and method to cook your fish. Fish samples will be available to sample during the program. Denny Weiss retired from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources after working 35 years with fisheries research on the Mississippi River. Denny grew up in Burlington, Iowa and spent most of his DNR career working at the Bellevue Research Station. In his retirement Denny enjoys commercial fishing during the summer and early fall and fur trapping during the fall and winter months. Denny does large fish cooks for 300-400 people and enjoys showing people what it takes to prepare excellent tasting fish.

February 23- Exploring the Web of Life soil health and amendments with Stone Hollow Gardens & Shroomery
. An afternoon spent talking seed, soil, mycelium and the role that mycoremediation plays in healing our earth. Learn about the possibilities mycelium has in restoring balance in our environment. See firsthand how mycoactive compost benefits root structure, decreases environmental stress and makes nutrients more bioavailable to plants. Discuss with Christopher and Emily Appelman all the benefits mycelium can have in your own home garden.

March 8 – RARE Raptor Program 1pm
Live Birds of Prey from the RARE Group.

March 14 – Go Green Celebration – 1-4pm A family friendly St. Patricks Day open house style and celebration of everything Green.

March 22 – Bird Banding 1pm –
Live Bird Banding with David Shealer