Volunteer Coordinator Postition

The Friends of the Mines of Spain(501c3) is looking for an Independent Contractor to assist with coordination of volunteers at the EB Lyons Interpretive Center and Mines of Spain Recreation Area. Duties may include:

Coordinate and recruit volunteers;

Keep accurate records of the volunteers;

Make sure all necessary paperwork for volunteers is completed;

Coordinate the training of volunteers;

Schedule and maintain volunteers in needed positions; and

Report to the F.O.M.O.S. Board on progress or problems on a monthly basis; and

Create a list of volunteers and spreadsheet containing contact information for each volunteer. Provide a copy of the list and spreadsheet to the Client on a monthly basis.

The Coordinator will perform the above-listed duties in order to:

Keep the E. B. Lyons center open;

Provide greeters;

Establish a cleaning crew;

Organize a group of gardeners;

Help to expand programming;

Maintain trails/grounds;

Help in performing maintenance on equipment;

Feed animals;

Maintain and clean exhibits; and

Any other projects as needed.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit resume and cover letter to minesofspain@gmail.com on or before January 30, 2018